Re.Use en el New Forms Festival

El New Forms Festival es un encuentro interdisciplinar de artes electrónicas, performance, cine, música e instalación que se celebra anualmente en Vancouver, Canadá.

El tema de esta edición es Re·Use:

To use something again, often for a different purpose and usually as an alternative to throwing it out.   
NFF 07 looks at the ideas of reuse in the media arts. These forms have been able to come from different areas all around us. Whether involving the recycling of equipment, the change in its use, reprogramming material, the sample and mash-up of sound/images and reconstruction of ideas; the concept of reuse has become one of the major entities behind invigorating, changing, and growing media and electronic arts. Over history art has always seen recontextualization at its very core. Warhol once asked if there was ever really an original idea. Shakespearean tales become modern films, ancient sounds become electronic music anthems. Pop culture drives home sounds and imagery that have changed, grown, and evolved over time. Within this we have seen our cultures mix, grow, and shape shift as ideas get recontextualized and reapproapriated from generation to generation, and culture to culture.

>> Abierto plazo para presentación de proyectos: hasta el 1 de abril de 2007.

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