Take back the tech!

  • A call to everyone - especially grrls and women - to take control of ICTs and use it to change power relations between men and women.
  • For 16 Days (Nov 25 – Dec 10), enabling the use of ICTs for activism against VAW.

  • Reclaiming women’'s critical participation and contribution to ICTs (e.g. Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper..)
  • Echoing the "Take Back The Night" campaign
  • Online Spaces – Our right to move freely, without harassment or threats to safety
  • Right to Shape, Define, Participate, Use, Share everything related to ICTs.

  • Ordinary ICTs users - grrl, woman, female, boy, male, man and any other!
  • ICTs developers, information provider & disseminator, content creators, knowledge builders..

Basically anyone who from librarians, lecturers, writers, techies, geek grrls, bloggers, emailers, SMSers, trainers, storytellers, poets, writers, web managers, theorists, graffiti artists, photographers…………

  • To build knowledge on how ICTs is connected to VAW.
  • To provide simple strategies on how incidences of VAW can be minimised online.
  • To generate a discourse around the connections between ICTs and VAW in online and offline spaces.
  • To build a community that will continue to strategise around eliminating VAW through, and in ICTs spaces

Take back the tech! website >> visitalo y únete a la acción!!


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