Massive Change

What is Massive Change? (una panda de chiflados)

Design has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful forces. It has placed us at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies are becoming global, relational, and interconnected.

There are two reasons to know more about Massive Change: to be changed and to make change. The events, the book, and our growing online community are short cuts to provocative thinking about the power and promise of design. Massive Change will change how you think about possibilities, for the world, and for your own family, community, company and country.

Design Economies

Instead of structuring our project around professional design disciplines, like graphic design and industrial design, we looked at design from the perspective of the citizen. Design economies are the regions of our lives that are being transformed, and in some cases invented, by new capacity designed to shape the world.

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