Wj-software: llegan los jinetes de la web presenta
workshop & mesa redonda & performance
Primero fueron los disc-jokeys. Después los video-jokeys. Ahora llegan los Web-jokeys

4-8 de junio 2007
Bilbaoarte, Bilbao

Wj- software es una aplicación desarrollada con software libre que permite transformar la experiencia de la navegación online - solitaria e íntima- en un evento compartido e hipermedia. Todos los formatos posibles se unen en una performance multidimensional en tiempo real a traves de una red de computadoras conectadas a Internet y entre sí. Los wj-s nos proponen una deriva delirante y alterada por los meandros de sentido de la web.
>> Seminario para aprender a utilizar el software:
lunes 4 a jueves 7 de junio de 16h00 a 21h00.
Podeis usar vuestros equipos o los de Bilbaoarte. No hacen falta conocimientos técnicos específicos: está dirigido a creadores/as de todas las disciplinas, internautas y todo tipo de mutantes web. Maximo 10 participantes.

>> Mesa redonda sobre creación en red:
viernes 8 de junio a las 19h00
con los creadores de Wj-software (Anne Roquigny y Stéphane Kyles), Solu (aka Mia Makela), Luis André, Natxo Rodriguez y yo misma, Ptqk.

>> Performance en directo con Wj-software:
viernes 8 de junio a las 21h00
Artistas invitados: Solu + espontaneos/as del seminario
No os lo perdais, va a estar de puta madre.

Más informacion
Otros inputs:
> Anne Roquigny (cuidadora de new media y creadora de wj-soft)
> En Rhizome.
While the DJs and VJs of the world remain tethered to the remix of sound and image, WJs (web jockeys) have at their fingertips an infinite and diverse pool of material--sound, image, text, code, web cams, blogs, and more--all constantly changing and expanding. A new software development, WJ-s, offers artists a tool to create live multimedia performances from this digital soup. Last week at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, artists Agnès de Cayeux, Anne Laforet, and KRN used WJ-s to explore the erotic and heated atmosphere of video chat rooms, the world of artistic algorithms, and computer art in a live performance. WJ-s was conceived by Anne Roquigny and was launched in October with a workshop at Belgrade's Dis_Patch Festival. The group proposes to create 'a strong cybernetic experience, captivating, sensual, and shifted where [....] the flow and the extreme pleasure of surfing are moved into a performative framework.' You can go with the flow at their next performance, scheduled for December 15th at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. - Helen Varley Jamieson.
> Entrevista a Anne Roquigny en Digimag.

Mk: Would you like to tell me about WJS project, How it started, from which basic idea or personal need?

Anne Roquigny: "WJ-s" is a software and a flexible, high speed connexion public device for web performances which allow actors of the Internet, sound and image artists, netartists, bloggers, graphic designers, flashers, programmers, curators, hacktivists, newmedia theorists, pioneers and web mutants... to play live with the full scope of contents available in the wideness of the web. Working for more than ten years as a new media curator, i have always been searching for appropriate contexts, ways, devices, situations to present the works of artists exploring and experimenting the internet as a creative space.

Although I have been avoiding the boring situation where the presentation of websites is reduced to a selection of links on a few machines placed somewhere in a venue, I have often had some feelings of unsatisfaction and frustration because exhibition situations often decrease this exciting feeling you get when we are on your own, in front of your computer, in your cosy environment… A web site presented outside the context of a personal browser on a small screen frequently looses some of its energy, its power because it was not meant to be shown in this situation.

> Entrevista a Anne Roquigny en QWARTZ.TV >>>>>> VER VIDEO sorry, it´s in french chéri(e)

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